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The Faculty of Forestry of the University of Belgrade is the oldest and highest educational and scientific institution in the field of forestry, wood processing, landscape architecture and horticulture, and environmental engineering in the protection of land and water resources in Serbia. Studies in the field of forestry began in 1920 as the Department of Forestry at the Agricultural Faculty in Belgrade. The Faculty of Forestry became an independent entity in 1949, as the first separate Faculty of Forestry in Yugoslavia.

The programme of studies at the Faculty of Forestry monitors the changes of biological, economic and social processes, as well as technological developments and their application in the sustainable development of national natural resources. In the studies science, law, practical experience, economics and culture are combined.

Educational station "Goc" managed by the Center for Teaching and Scientific Facilities includes forests, forest nurseries, a complex of buildings for the provision of food and accommodation for students and pupils. Established in 1956, it covers an area of ​​3,700 hectares. It is located at an altitude of 850-950m, in the greenest and most beautiful part of the mountain Goc.

The purpose of the teaching stations is the implementation of the program and the curriculum of undergraduate, graduate academic, specialist and doctoral students for the Faculty and other members of the University and includes:

• school practice, field work and production practical experience
• practical work with students
• scientific research from the field of activity of the Faculty
• exemplary and experimental forest management on the principles of modern forestry science
• establishing a training center in the field of forestry, wood processing, horticulture and landscape architecture, environmental engineering and environmental protection

Complete investment relating to the works of the Faculty of Forestry includes:

• construction of a new building of ​​1.200m2 (four floors) within the existing university complex
• reconstruction, remodeling and renovation of educational and tourist resort "Goc" (Piramida) belonging to the Faculty of Forestry
• delivery of teaching equipment




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